For more than 10 years Godefroy Maruejouls (MJS) has been dedicated to the making of fine guitars. Well known for his Gypsy Jazz guitars, Godefroy also makes accoustics and electrics guitars and electrics basses. Whatever the model, each guitar is individually handcrafted to the highest specifications.


Open day week-end Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st of May:

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Repair service

As well as building guitars Godefroy Maruejouls also operate a full repairs service. If your guitar simply needs to be set up to keep it in good working condition, or you would like to customise it to your specifications, or if you have bought an “old beauty” and would like to have it restored, feel free to discuss the possibilities with me and have a free quote.

Godefroy Maruejouls Luhtier. 1 Rue du Savoir , 82160 Parisot, France

Tel: (0033) 06 52 46 92 90