Nylon Jazz Guitar

Nylon Gypsy Jazz Guitar, hand made guitar, gypsy guitar, nylon string guitarThis guitar is a tribute to Mario Maccaferri as a guitar maker. In the beginning he designed a classical guitar with a cut away and an internal chamber to improve the diffusion of the sound. It was only later, under market pressure, that he created the steel string model.

I really love the sound of nylon stings; the warm, rich tones of the classical guitar work for jazz, and I always had the idea of building one sooner or later. So when Edward Preston asked me to build a nylon string D-Hole, I thought my luck was in…

The idea was to integrate a classical bracing and soundboard preparation on to a Selmer-type body, but without the chamber. The neck is made narrower than a conventional classical guitar to help on those difficult jazz chords (but I have also made necks at the conventional size).

Listen to MJS D Hole Nylon Jazz guitar: (click on the link below)

MJS Nylon jazz sound sample


Soundboard: European spruce, cedar

Back/side: Indian/ Madagascar rosewood, mahogany, walnut, figured maple, others if available

Neck: mahogany, walnut, maple, cedar

Neck sizes: 48mm at the nut and 58 at the 12th fret as standard

Fingerboard: ebony, rosewood

Frets: medium or light as standart other type possible on request

Body sizes: 470mm long x 400mm wide at lower bout (Selmer sizes)

Scale length: 640 mm

Finish: clear cellulose as standard. Antique look finish or colour and french polishing available on request.


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