MJS Sorceress electric guitar to be build for Martin Garcia of In Delirium.

Godefroy is very pleased to announce that Martin Garcia, guitar player of the French  rock-fusion band extrordinaire In Delirium, will have his own MJS Sorceress electric guitar built early in the new year.

In Delirium is one of France’s most impressive rock fusion line-ups to have burst onto the scene in the last couple of years. Martin, one the founding members of the band, is a bit of a virtuoso with six strings and there’s no doubt that an MJS  Sorceress electric guitar will show its true potential in his hands.

For more info about Martin and In Delirium go to www.indelirium.fr.

"Martin Garcia", "handmade electric guitar" "rock-fusion band" "groupe de rock fusion Français"

In Delirium

"rock-fusion band", "handmade electric guitar" "groupe de rock-fusion"

Martin Garcia and Gillian Diez in action.

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