Martin Garcia is recording his latest album with MJS Guitar.

Martin Garcia is now recording In Delirium’s latest album using his MJS Sorceress. The guitar was finished last summer and delivered just in time for a professional photo shoot (thanks to Richard Storchi –

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The musical palette of In Delirium incorporates funky rhythms with slabs of punk and bursts of heavy guitar. Martin was after an instrument capable of handling the complexity of his musical style. His 24-fret Sorceress is the result of a careful choice of woods and components to produce a fine balance between power, definition and character. The body is made of swamp ash, the fingerboard of Madagascar rosewood which is glued onto a bird’s-eye maple neck. The overall sound of the guitar is powerful with a lot of presence. The ash body ensures rich treble and booming bass whereas the rosewood of the fingerboard gives a darker edge to the sound. The guitar is equipped with Bare Knuckle pickups, “Slow Hand” model, which are high output with an amazing thick tone and tremendous definition (even with lots of distortion). Also one position of the 5-way switch is used to wire the middle and the bridge pickups in humbucking mode, which gives Martin the powerful sound to tackle volcanic solos. To finish off, the guitar is equipped with a Tremking tremolo and a set of Sperzel locking tuners. The 24-fret fingerboard is fitted with Jim Dunlop 6105 fretwire and has blue LED side markers (well visible in the photos when the edge is under shadow).

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2 Responses to Martin Garcia is recording his latest album with MJS Guitar.

  1. Bhavesh says:

    Nice to meet you, my name is Luis from Peru and I had a SG standard wiinrg into a very small but nice Red Special Shape Mahogany body. Caps and Pots are from Rothstein Guitars, and two Blingbuckers from Lace. So, I need a complete shielding for this.My question, Once painted or installed the cooper foil, Could I grounding this to the casing Pots, Which of them?

    • godefroy says:

      Hi Luis,

      You connect it to any pot casing. The important thing is that it’s all connected to the ground of your jack. However to really avoid problems, it’s better to have all the grounds (from bridge, pots and pickups) to converge to one point and then from there go the the jack.
      I hope this help.

      All the best

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