Acoustic Guitars

The ancestral beauty of wood is a permanent source of wonder and amazement. Making an acoustic guitar is a wonderful way to celebrate one of nature’s best gifts to us.  Not only wood is displayed in all its splendour,  it is also shaped, carved and bent in order to produce a musical object which beauty goes far beyond its physical aspect and can be appreciated through music without even looking at it. Closed eye, and still the guitar speak to us either as a listener or a player.  It is important to consider that expensive wood not necessarily make the best guitars but craftsmanship and that more and more I try to be mindful about the environment and the planet resources. I try more and more and as much as possible to use locally mindfully sourced timber. All acoustic guitars I build are inspired by tradition and experience allows me to alter every tonal and physical aspect to suit individual request.



Model Levesa


MJS Steel String Acoustic Guitare Acoustique MJS Codes Acier

MJS Steel String Acoustic
Guitare Acoustique MJS Codes Acier

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MJS Steel String Acoustic Guitar, Guitare Acoustique MJS Cordes Acier

Guitar of a medium size, it delivers balance and clarity of notes with volume. The model pictured is made of European spruce (soundboard), American Walnut (back/side/neck) grown in Kew Botanical Gardens in London UK, Madagascar rosewood (fingerboard/bridge/biddings). The back is X braced to allow more complex vibrational modes that contribute to enrich the guitar tone.


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