MJS Guitars


Handmade Sound


In a world of the mass produced,

I don’t.

Godefroy Maruejouls - Luthier


In an age where machines have replaced hands and planned obsolescence has replaced quality, I invite you to think differently. Heritage luthier skills, the best wood and materials and above all the personal touch of a craftsman’s hands, make owning one of my guitars a unique experience. I make bespoke electric, acoustic and semi-hollow guitars, by hand. I work tirelessly to bring you an extraordinary musical instrument.



Welcome to my work, my craft, my passion


My guitars are engineered with you and your musical style in mind. A guitar that inspires. A guitar with a distinctive, authentic sound and great dynamics. A guitar that plays, effortlessly.



Sound meets style


Brilliant sound, breathtaking visuals and a responsive touch. I work with you to find that vital balance and to understand your sound, look and playing style.



A lifetime of work built into every instrument


With my deep knowledge of geometry, woodworking, engineering and design, I can create a guitar with a unique tone that complements your style of playing and desired sound. I make guitars that last a lifetime, play like a dream and become a cherished part of you.



Finding your voice


I make guitars for people who love to play reactive instruments, with unmistakable tone and outstanding quality. The end result is an iconic, heritage work of art.